Musical composition - Inputs and outputs - Notation

Classes referenced on this page are mostly from external sources and they are not necessary for the actual work of the composition program. They are here for completeness - in the sense that the results of composing it is often necessary not only to play, but also to display in the score ...

Classes regarding the display of notes are taken from the source code of Jacek Salamon from 2010. There are new versions of this author's programs on the Internet.

Note headers are drawn by placing symbols of the musical font - other elements (legs, flags, beams, arcs, etc.) are drawn graphically (lines, curves,…)..

An alternative is to use external notifiers - to display a MIDI file previously saved to disk. However, this is not suitable for displaying selected parts in the editor - eg details of one measure…

Basic objects


Tonalities (Keys):



Notation constants:

Basic objects for working with notes:

Components for rendering notes:

Groups of notes