Composed music

Gallery of music generated by program Largo.

Added voices

Added single harmonic voice eventually single voice with given rhythm. (y.2014)

Guitar templates
SOR, Fernando 990 study 17/Allegro ma non troppo in E
CARCASSI, Matteo Valse Op4 No5/Andantino in A
AQUADO, Dionisio Walzer g dur/Animato in G
CARCASSI, Matteo Op2/Allegro ma non troppo 1
CARCASSI, Matteo Op2/Allegro ma non troppo 2
CARCASSI, Matteo SonatinaIII Op1/Andante Graciozo Maestoso
CARULLI, Fernando Paix Op85/Andante
CARULLI, Fernando Rondo Op5/Allegro in D
DIABELLI, Anton Contredance/Animato in C
DIABELLI, Anton Gitana/Allegretto
GIULIANI, Mauro Rondoletto Op4/Moderato in D
HAYDN, Joseph Guitar trio 1/Animato
SOR, Fernando Study no4/Allegro ma non troppo in C

Piano templates
CHOPIN, Frédéric Waltz op.64 no.2/Allegro vivace in E
SCHUBERT, Franz Serenade -Liszt's trancription/Sostenuto
BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van Sonate 4 Opus 7/Presto in C
BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van Sonate 15 Opus 28/Animato in C
BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van Moonlight - movement 1/Allegro ma non troppo
CHOPIN, Frédéric Opus 7-1/Vivace in B
CHOPIN, Frédéric Prelude No.17/Animato in Ab
CHOPIN, Frédéric Fantasie Impromptu/Allegro ma non troppo in C#
LISZT, Franz Ab irato/Molto Presto in C
LISZT, Franz Polonaise 2-l/Animato in E
LISZT, Franz Weimars Volkslied/Allegro ma non troppo
SCHUBERT, Franz D760-1/Vivace in C


Musical templates transformed with help of other template.(y.2014-2020)

Content changes
DVORAK's Slovanic Dance 7 Rhythmized by Mozart's Ala Turca.
SMETANAS's Vltava Rhythmized by Beethoven's Symphony 5.

Given tectonic rhythmized and filled with a new content.

MOZART's Jupiter Menuetto Rhythmized by Bach's Toccata
MOZART's Jupiter Menuetto Rhythmized by Mozart's K311. Instrumented by Mahler.


Musical templates converted to canon-like compositions.(y.2017)

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus Contredanse in F.
Irish song The Maid Who Sold Her Barley.

Canons made from selected templates.

CARULLI, Fernando Five romances - Maestoso.
PAGANINI, Niccolò Caprice no.24.
SCHUMANN, Robert Ich Grolle Nicht.
Irish song Cherish the Ladies.


Musical templates converted to another modality (y.2020)

MOZART's Eine Dreistim Converted to Bluesy Heptatonic.

Selected templates modulated and recomposed.

JEZEK's Bugattistep Converted to Indian Megha mode.
MOZART's Jupiter Menuetto Converted to Blues Pentatonic.
DVORAK Slavonic Dance No.7 Converted to one of Gypsy modes.

Rhythmic enrichment

Musical templates rhythmicaly enriched by inserted tones and recomposed (y.2020)

BACH's Aus Meines Hertzens First enrichment. Second enrichment.